Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I noticed that my husb did not have his breakfast this few days although i had told him that there are some baguette in the freezer which he needs to toast it maybe he was lazy to do it. He used to have some bread for breakfast before he left to work. 

Since I'm off today to take care my daugh. I decided to bake some buns or rolls so he can have it for  breakfast tomorrow. I gotta finish the low fat milk which had kept in the fridge for some time. I used my previous recipe Choc-chip-raisin-bun. I bake few hot dog buns and i reserved another portion of dough for rolls. Initially, I thought of bake Cinnamon rolls but afraid that my family does not like the cinnamon taste. So I decided to spread the Nutella jam on the dough and add some raisins and walnuts on it for the filling. It tasted delicious I like the chocolate taste and got walnut to chew.

Nutella with walnut and raisin rolls

Hotdog cheesy buns

It is so fluffy and soft.


  1. Looks like bought from the bakery shop...