Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guai Lin Gao (Herbal Jelly)

I always like to buy Guai Lin Gao from Kung Woh Tong but it is quite costly about RM6.00 for small bowl if i'm not mistaken. That day i went to Eu Yan Sang bought "bo ying tan" for my kids and i saw the packet of Guai Lin Gao powder..The instruction is quite easy. I tried one packet and boiled for 8 small bowls. I did not add sugar as i'm afraid it might be too sweet for my husband and he doesn't like sweet things. So we served it with honey (we can adjust the sweetness) which i can say "yummy". I had 2 bowls on Saturday night cos i got ulcers :oP. 


  1. Eu Yan Sang's Gwai Ling Gou is very very very bitter!!!
    I make it with a syrup oversweetened with lohanguo, cos lohanguo is very very low in calories with the equal level of sweetness.

  2. Wendy, yes i saw u posted in your blog. I tried that with lohanguo but forgot to take pic :O). Bitter wise, we all can take it even my son also like it.