Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sakura in Japan

More and more photos to share from Japan, hope you like the sakura and Mountain Fuji's pictures.I always thought that sakura got one type flower only but actually is not.

We snapped the photos of Mount Fuji from the bus like crazy like never see the real of Mount Fuji. It was really nice.

One of the temple near Mount Fuji

We reached the level 4 of Mount Fuji. Freaking cold man.

Tatami hotel style but most of us can't sleep really well maybe too low or maybe too soft but the pillow really too thin. We had to used 2 pillows.

The view from the hotel. 

The most famous and festive park of Cherry Blossom Festival.

It was really amazing and i feel like wanted to join these people in their picnic. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Sambal Tumis

I cooked this sambal tumis few months back. I always have to scratched my head out don't know what to cook for the dinner. I always think simple recipe like steam or stew meat for kids as im not really a good cook. I think my husband sick of the food as he is not the meat lover so i asked him go for vegetarian :o). I told him the way i cooked is suitable for kids. They can't take spicy. Every time i have to browse through blogger's recipe to look for spicy food which is his favourite as well as myself.

I always wanted to cook some curry or sambal food but it is hard for me to learn all the herbs and spices which i found it is too many types. Sometimes i have to google the spice picture. Or i rather buy the premix but still not the good one. I was in wet market to look for galangal. This indian seller doesn't know what is galangal. I also blurred and repeat few times 'galangal lah'. lol..Then he asked in cantonese 'is wong keong' (yellow ginger) or 'lam keong' (blue ginger). Luckily i remember i saw blue ginger stated in Nasilemaklover's blog.

This is my first attempt to cook this sambal. The recipe sourced from Nasilemaklover's blog. Although the process to prepare and cook takes a longer time but what i like is the sambal can keep for a month in the freezer. You can use it whenever you need it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I always thought kuih are difficult to make. I read the recipe book '1 Hari 1 Resipi' at my mother in law's house and learnt that the onde-onde actually is easy to make. Once my husband saw this recipe, he said he likes to eat and asked me to make it. So i borrowed from my in law and plucked some pandan leaves behind her house. This kuih took me more than a week to make it as i didn't expect that i will injured my knee.

On the first day i blended the pandan juice which you can refer the way  from Wendy's blog. I thought i can make onde-onde on the same day but my knee cannot stand longer so tiring. I kept the juice in the fridge for a week and it is still in a good condition. Finally make it yesterday.

2 cups of glutinous flour
1 tbsp of plain flour
1 cup pandan juice
2pcs palm  sugar
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
Salt to taste

- Knead glutinous flour, plain flour and salt with pandan juice bit by bit till the dough incorporated.
- Pinch small portion of dough (thumb size), stuff palm sugar into the dough centre and wrapped it like a ball.
- Position them on a tray.
- Heat up large pot of boiling water, drop the balls in five to six at a time. When the balls are cooked, they will float to the top. Scoop out and transfer to sieve to drain for about five second.
- Finally roll the balls in the desiccated coconut.