Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Dark Chocolate Muffin

I'm back again. I just spent a little time to bake simple and easy muffin today. I wanted to try to make some buns after seen Wendy's blog which she used pre-fermented dough method. I even had bought the flour but just no time to do it as i have been busy with my new job, after work have to take care of kids and cleaning stuff. I'm so missed my part timer housewife last time. :o(.

Here is my simple recipe;
500gm Ezy chocolate muffin mix 
3nos Eggs
100gm Water
200gm Vegetable Oil (I replaced with butter)

1. Mix Chocolate muffin mix and eggs with beater for 1minute slow speed and 3mins medium speed.
2. Add water, vegetable oil over 1 min on slow speed. Scape down, then mix for 3mins on slow speed until the mix is smooth.
3.Add filling as required (I added raisins and chocolate chips)
4. Bake at 180C for 25mins