Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disneyland in Tokyo

 I would like to share some of the photos here from my recent trip in Japan.

The week before i went to Japan, my kids was sick with high fever. I was so stressed as my daughter's fever took a week to recovered just the 2 days before i departed to Japan. My husband was in China and had been called to checked out her fever status which i felt more pressure. I didn't rest at all as i had to sponged her all night when her fever reached high temperature. Thank god that she had recovered and i was relieved to enjoy my holiday.

After came back from holiday, I feel like i getting more worst because i'm getting super lazy. My brain still thinking of holiday. :oP.

The popcorn container

Stroller parking
It is always long queue for any rides as it was school holiday in japan.
Waiting for boat ride in Little Small World

This pearl tea cost us RM20. The pearl got mickey's head.

The place where i had my lunch. Although it was sunny but quite enjoy under the cold weather.

I managed to grab this packet sushi rice with salmon. I saw most of the people has this simple packet for their lunch while queuing for the ride.