Monday, July 25, 2011

Orange Chiffon Cake

I was so happy as i finally made the perfect chiffon cake compared to my first attempt from previous post.. Besides, i used the wrong knife to cut the cake as you can see the layering there. During my first attempt from my previous post, i didn't really study on the egg white beaten steps provided by Wendy's blog. And the cake was moist last time.This time i really pay attention on the steps by steps on how the egg white reached to the stff peak. My cake turned out nicely without fall down and is not moist. Thanks to Wendy for sharing the steps.

Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread

I bake the Brazilian Cheese Bread last few weeks ago. The recipe adapted from Simply Recipes. It was really easy as just mixed all the ingredients and blend it. The bread texture similar like Japanese mochi.

Ribena Cheesecake AGAIN

I think I'm crazy of Ribena Cheesecake lately. I made this cheesecake again and again. This time i treated part of the cheesecake to my girlfriends and part of it kept at home as a dessert or supper. Sorry for the unpresentable cheesecake as i prepared it at night and no time to do the jelly on top, this time i just dumped the blueberry on top of the cheesecake. But it was really yummy to serve together with blueberry.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bali Trip @ Jimbaran

I don't mind to go back to Jimbaran again just for the sunset. The seafood just so so here and is not cheap at all except the BBQ corn.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bali Trip #3

I don't have time to sort the photos by places. I just simply grabbed the nice photos and posted here.

We had buffet at Kintamani for Volcano view on the 2nd day. It was cloudy and it rained that day. But Thank God, the rain stopped as soon as we reached. We travelled along the way from Ubud and passed by the villages at the hill. It was quite fun to see how different their lifestyle are.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bali Trip #2

We went to the Bebek Tepi Sawah which recommended by my brother in law. We ordered crispy duck rice and pork rib for tea time. We actually finished our lunch 2hrs ago before we heading to Bebek tepi sawah. We actually quite full after lunch but since we passby the Ubud we asked the tour guide bring us here. He also scratched his head as we finished our lunch not long ago. hahaha. We just finished the meat not with the rice cos our stomach cannot keep anymore storage. We skipped our dinner cos too full until 10pm we ordered pizza from the hotel. :oP. This restaurant is facing the padi field. Quite nice. I enjoy the food more on the view. :oP

Pork Rib - Yummy!

Crispy duck - Yummy

Bedugul temple - The white and yellow umbrella is for prayer.

Can't remember what is this place called? But quite bored.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bali Trip Part 1

Finally, I went to Bali in June after 4yrs break from travelling. Initially, me and my husb thought of going to Macau but as it was last minute planned, the budget to Macau isn't cheap so we decided to go Bali. This was my first back packing trip, actually it was quite fun and stress free compare to follow the group tour. At least, i can wake up anytime as i can and i can decided which place to go or not to go with the local tour guide.

 I always thought Bali is a typical muslim country, I never thought they do serve pork like bali guling everywhere. Before i go, my colleague and friends told me that the place not nice and the food is not good. But i found it was quite interesting and the food is fine to me especially i like pork.

Babi guling with white radish soup..YUMMY!

I omitted Uluwatu cos I'm scared of wild monkey which i had do researched earlier that the monkey there are quite aggressive. When we met the local tour guide, i told him that i don't want to go to Monkey forest or any place with wild monkey..haha. I even wear contact lense (after few years stopped of wearing lenses) just in case the tour guide really bring us there in order to avoid monkey from snatching my spec.

I would like to share some photos here.

To be continued....