Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bali Trip #2

We went to the Bebek Tepi Sawah which recommended by my brother in law. We ordered crispy duck rice and pork rib for tea time. We actually finished our lunch 2hrs ago before we heading to Bebek tepi sawah. We actually quite full after lunch but since we passby the Ubud we asked the tour guide bring us here. He also scratched his head as we finished our lunch not long ago. hahaha. We just finished the meat not with the rice cos our stomach cannot keep anymore storage. We skipped our dinner cos too full until 10pm we ordered pizza from the hotel. :oP. This restaurant is facing the padi field. Quite nice. I enjoy the food more on the view. :oP

Pork Rib - Yummy!

Crispy duck - Yummy

Bedugul temple - The white and yellow umbrella is for prayer.

Can't remember what is this place called? But quite bored.


  1. eh, this temple dun look that comercialized hoh.
    Looks nice.
    Ooohhh... U ate bebek begil. I had mine at Lotus restaurant. Lotus is like almost everywhere there, LOL.

  2. yes..it is located at uphill some more. The bebek we ate was special recommended by my brother in law and not cheap leh. 2 dishes plus drinks about RM80++.

  3. It's like that leh.
    REstaurants in Bali not cheap. My hotel food costs similar as outside food, so we always eat in hotel's balinese restaurant instead.