Monday, July 11, 2011

Bali Trip Part 1

Finally, I went to Bali in June after 4yrs break from travelling. Initially, me and my husb thought of going to Macau but as it was last minute planned, the budget to Macau isn't cheap so we decided to go Bali. This was my first back packing trip, actually it was quite fun and stress free compare to follow the group tour. At least, i can wake up anytime as i can and i can decided which place to go or not to go with the local tour guide.

 I always thought Bali is a typical muslim country, I never thought they do serve pork like bali guling everywhere. Before i go, my colleague and friends told me that the place not nice and the food is not good. But i found it was quite interesting and the food is fine to me especially i like pork.

Babi guling with white radish soup..YUMMY!

I omitted Uluwatu cos I'm scared of wild monkey which i had do researched earlier that the monkey there are quite aggressive. When we met the local tour guide, i told him that i don't want to go to Monkey forest or any place with wild monkey..haha. I even wear contact lense (after few years stopped of wearing lenses) just in case the tour guide really bring us there in order to avoid monkey from snatching my spec.

I would like to share some photos here.

To be continued....


  1. Balinese are Hindus. But they eat beef from buffalos and cows (only white cows are sacred).
    I went there for honeymoon, and I was like your friends, found the place to be..... so so only. The beach incomparable to Malaysia's, handicraft was so so, spa was like...soso.
    Local food was interesting and I scouted for bebek betutu, bebek begil, babi guling and ate at my hotel who has a very good balinese restaurant. The food I had there was so much better than the balinese food served in KL. U make me miss the lemongrass drink at my hotel so much. The Balinese resto in Puchong, Bumbu Bali, their lemongrass drink is so so so NOT nice compared to what I had in Bali.
    But then again, eventhough the local food was nice and interesting, I don't think I want to go there again.

  2. Wendy, I never see any lemongrass drink serving there. The lemongrass drink in KL quite sweet.
    I thought of going back again next year :oP

  3. I had my lemongrass drink at the restaurant at my hotel, Santika at Kuta beach. My hotel has a wonderful traditional Balinese restaurant.

  4. Really, I should try Santika next time