Monday, February 28, 2011

Baking class's photos

The photos for Feb workshop have been uploaded in this link Kuali.

I'm from second right hand side. 

Baking Workshop

I attended the baking workshop on last Sat. The workshop was organised by Kuali in collaboration with MIB (Malaysian Institute of Baking). It was fun as i can learnt about the basic of baking and hands on. Now i know how to roll the bun in proper way and cutting a bun in various shape. Thanks to the MIB students who provided us the guidance. 

I have been wanted to find such courses or workshop. Some of the baking/cooking courses that i found either costly or no hands on which i thought is not worth to pay for it. Until i found this event advertised on The Star paper.

The introduction of baking held in the class. I haven't sat on this kind of chair after college 15yrs ago. My back was tiring and aching after sat on it ..hahaha..that's meant my age catching up or maybe my tummy too big for it...hahaha

The workshop provided goodies bag with apron, cap and booklets.

They all looking for their own group.

Mixing breadflour with sponge dough

Peoples are busy with the measuring ingredients.

Red bean paste, coconut paste and sausages for buns

Sponge dough for sweet buns

Measuring muffin ingredients

Mixing flour for muffin

Resting dough

Walnut and choc chip muffin

Everyone focus on the shaping buns

Learning on shaping dough


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Twins Bean Soup with Pueraria Root (Fan Kot)

My blood pressure was increased recently. I always feeling dizzy for the past 6 mths only lately it getting worst. I was having a terrible headache and giddiness last Friday. When doing housework half way my head swing and felt like vomit. I have to stopped and lied down on bed. Oh gosh, Dr told me that i have to go for ENT/MRI scan. Until now i didn't go for that scan cos i haven't prepare yet. 

Before i posting this, i have been browsing thru blogger's recipe and thought of want to bake chiffon cake again. But my body told me that i gotta rest and my brain totally blank. I was thinking if that possible the Chiffon cake appear in front of me so i don't have to bake it. Oh...where is chiffon cake so tempting now.

I cook Pueraria Root (FAt Kot in cantonese) on last Sat. The feature of it helps to clear heatiness, stops thirst and vomiting; tonifies blood, stops diarrhea and reduces blood pressure. I followed the recipe from the book "The World of Nourishing & Fine Soups" published by Seashore.

40gm Pueraria root 
10gm peanut
10gm black eye bean
1 red date
10gm solomonseal rhizome (yuk chuk in cantonese)
2pieces chicken (i put small kg chicken)
100ml water

1. Scald skinned chicken in boiling water, rinse and put into stewing pot.
2. Peel pueraria root and cut into pieces. Soak peanut and black eye bean in water for 20mins, remove and set aside
3. Remove seeds from red date. Put all the ingredients into stewing pot, pour in water and stew for 4 hrs. Add 1/4 tsp of salt and serve.

Strengthens the spleen and stomach; reduces blood vessel diseases and expels dampness

1. Black eye bean is neutral nature, sweet and tasteless. It helps to strengthen the spleen, expels dampness and tonifies qi.
2. Peanut is also neutral in nature, sweet and tasteless. It helps to tonify qi, strengthens the spleen and stomach.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fried Sweet Potato with Kuih Bakul

I always like to buy Fried sweet potato with kuih bakul from outside stall. This time i fried it by myself and got the recipe from my mum (she is very good on this), she taught me to cut the sweet potato thinly and mix Cake Flour with water for the batter. According to her if use plain flour the whole pieces will be hard not so nice.

My husband finished all these as initially he doesn't agreed that i make myself so troublesome to do all this things.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Office Dinner

Paella seafood rice

Skewer Beef and chicken

Vanilla ice cream waffle


Vanilla ice cream in espresso - superb nice

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marbled Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I love Chiffon Cake. I've been learning to bake Chiffon Cake but never success not reach to the original chiffon standard. This time I took the challenge to bake 2 types of flavour. I follow the recipes from j3ssKitch3n's blog. Her Marbled Chiffon Cake looks so fabulous. I can't resist to bake it.

The original recipe used 21cm tube pan but i used 20cm tube pan. I transfer some of the batter into muffin paper cup. This time i got the chiffon texture but the cake quite moist/wet. I don't know why maybe due to over beaten egg whites or pan not wide enough. Any expert can advice me on this? Overall, the taste of the orange and choc combination are very good. I used dark choc which is not too sweet. I have to bake more than 50mins maybe due to small oven. 

I will never give up, will try it again.

Choc & Raisin buns

I bake some raisin buns again. I used the recipe from Choc chip raisin bun. I added about 1tsp of choc powder (maybe you can add more). This time i did not put choc chip.

Chinese New Year Trip

I and my family went for a trip at Legend Water Chalet in Port Dickson on the Day 3 of CNY. We didn't really enjoy the trip as we gotta checked out from the next day morning. We all have a sleepless night. Me and my husband only slept for 3hrs due to the fire crackers. My son can't sleep well as his bed near the window quite warm and has mossy, my daugh slept under the aircon (we had moved the bed near the window). She complaint stomach pain initially then follow by ear pain at midnight. Oh gosh, this was really stressful to all of us. We can't even enjoy our breakfast as she wanted to go home. My son was cranky as well cos he was too exhausted and did not have much sleep. I thought of bring them to play in the kids room and swimming poolbut then all the plans are spoil. :o( . I'm not planning to go any trip during CNY cos everywhere  crowded especially when bring along kids will be stressful for them too.

My daugh had slept for 5hrs when we are on the way back from PD to my in law house then back to our home in KL. Thank god she was better after got enough sleep.

My kids are too excited when they saw these rabbits at the Lobby. My son keeps on calling "RABBIT" repeatedly (by the way, he is learning to talk).

Nice Room (1 King bed and 1 Queen bed). My son very busy opened the drawer.