Thursday, February 10, 2011

Marbled Orange Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I love Chiffon Cake. I've been learning to bake Chiffon Cake but never success not reach to the original chiffon standard. This time I took the challenge to bake 2 types of flavour. I follow the recipes from j3ssKitch3n's blog. Her Marbled Chiffon Cake looks so fabulous. I can't resist to bake it.

The original recipe used 21cm tube pan but i used 20cm tube pan. I transfer some of the batter into muffin paper cup. This time i got the chiffon texture but the cake quite moist/wet. I don't know why maybe due to over beaten egg whites or pan not wide enough. Any expert can advice me on this? Overall, the taste of the orange and choc combination are very good. I used dark choc which is not too sweet. I have to bake more than 50mins maybe due to small oven. 

I will never give up, will try it again.


  1. Jes i think you have underbaked it that's why its wet did you beat the peaks until stiff peaks form?
    But they still look very lovely nontheless! great job!

  2. I beat till stiff peaks form. I noticed that the choc part moist than the orange part. I guessed when i fold the choc with egg whites that time maybe over folded. cos it was watery, is that the problem?

  3. Over beat egg whites will result in a shrunken cake and worse,it'll fall right off the pan when you invert it.
    When your oven is small, and the cake pan is big, there is not much space for air to circulate, hence, you could have underbaked it. Try extending 10 minutes more.

    I used to use an ovenette, something like yours too, and I can say, the baking time is 30% more than my current digitally controlled oven.

  4. Wendy, is really hard to determine the stiffness of the egg white. i should get the smaller pan tube then..thks for ur advice