Monday, February 28, 2011

Baking Workshop

I attended the baking workshop on last Sat. The workshop was organised by Kuali in collaboration with MIB (Malaysian Institute of Baking). It was fun as i can learnt about the basic of baking and hands on. Now i know how to roll the bun in proper way and cutting a bun in various shape. Thanks to the MIB students who provided us the guidance. 

I have been wanted to find such courses or workshop. Some of the baking/cooking courses that i found either costly or no hands on which i thought is not worth to pay for it. Until i found this event advertised on The Star paper.

The introduction of baking held in the class. I haven't sat on this kind of chair after college 15yrs ago. My back was tiring and aching after sat on it ..hahaha..that's meant my age catching up or maybe my tummy too big for it...hahaha

The workshop provided goodies bag with apron, cap and booklets.

They all looking for their own group.

Mixing breadflour with sponge dough

Peoples are busy with the measuring ingredients.

Red bean paste, coconut paste and sausages for buns

Sponge dough for sweet buns

Measuring muffin ingredients

Mixing flour for muffin

Resting dough

Walnut and choc chip muffin

Everyone focus on the shaping buns

Learning on shaping dough



  1. this is great!! must be real fun right!

  2. Wah... how much was the cost. But the class seems crowded hoh?

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  4. Wendy,it was RM30 quite cheap. This feb workshop have been overwhelming, they arranged 2 classes on that day.