Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year Trip

I and my family went for a trip at Legend Water Chalet in Port Dickson on the Day 3 of CNY. We didn't really enjoy the trip as we gotta checked out from the next day morning. We all have a sleepless night. Me and my husband only slept for 3hrs due to the fire crackers. My son can't sleep well as his bed near the window quite warm and has mossy, my daugh slept under the aircon (we had moved the bed near the window). She complaint stomach pain initially then follow by ear pain at midnight. Oh gosh, this was really stressful to all of us. We can't even enjoy our breakfast as she wanted to go home. My son was cranky as well cos he was too exhausted and did not have much sleep. I thought of bring them to play in the kids room and swimming poolbut then all the plans are spoil. :o( . I'm not planning to go any trip during CNY cos everywhere  crowded especially when bring along kids will be stressful for them too.

My daugh had slept for 5hrs when we are on the way back from PD to my in law house then back to our home in KL. Thank god she was better after got enough sleep.

My kids are too excited when they saw these rabbits at the Lobby. My son keeps on calling "RABBIT" repeatedly (by the way, he is learning to talk).

Nice Room (1 King bed and 1 Queen bed). My son very busy opened the drawer.

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