Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nutella with walnut and raisin rolls

I'm addicted to nutella recently. After I bake the nutella with walnuts and raisin rolls last week. I felt like not enough, every night thinking of it :op. Today I bake these rolls again..Sigh! actually i should watch out my diet but seems couldn't resist it. Now every night must munch something. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 I noticed that my husb did not have his breakfast this few days although i had told him that there are some baguette in the freezer which he needs to toast it maybe he was lazy to do it. He used to have some bread for breakfast before he left to work. 

Since I'm off today to take care my daugh. I decided to bake some buns or rolls so he can have it for  breakfast tomorrow. I gotta finish the low fat milk which had kept in the fridge for some time. I used my previous recipe Choc-chip-raisin-bun. I bake few hot dog buns and i reserved another portion of dough for rolls. Initially, I thought of bake Cinnamon rolls but afraid that my family does not like the cinnamon taste. So I decided to spread the Nutella jam on the dough and add some raisins and walnuts on it for the filling. It tasted delicious I like the chocolate taste and got walnut to chew.

Nutella with walnut and raisin rolls

Hotdog cheesy buns

It is so fluffy and soft.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almond Puff Pastry

I always like to buy Almond Pastry Puff every time when i shop at Sogo.It is cost about RM3 plus in one pack about 6 pcs if i'm not wrong. I came across this recipe from Table for 2 and it was so easy to bake it. Not much ingredients required here. Some of these pastries does not puff up well as i was in a hurry to picked up my son and have to prepared for the dinner. I sprinkle not enough sugar on top of the pastry which was a bit flat. Overall taste very good and crunchy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bak Kut Teh

I went for lunch with my colleagues yesterday at Mid Valley. Just newly opened at Mid Valley and it called Bao Xiang, it was a franchised outlet from the famous Bak Kut Teh in Taman Connaught. 

The price is not cheap though, it costs RM12  per each bowl. The soup taste is very good and the pork texture very soft. I still prefer the traditional big claypot Bak Kut Teh with some veges in there. That one just meat only but you have to order vege separately.

Fried Meehoon by AMC

I cooked fry meehoon last week for dinner by using AMC pot. I'm not good in frying meehoon by using wok or should i say i never try to fry with wok. This AMC pot very convenient and easy. Just dump all the ingredients and put sauce inside the pot and cover just that's it. So easy.

Watercress with Carrot and Water Chestnut

I've been lazy in posting blog recently. Just being lazy. I have thought of baking an Orange Chiffon Cake today, I've even squeezed the orange juice and segregate the egg yolks and egg whites, but I really "tak larat" to do it so I used the eggs to make poached eggs and orange juice for my breakfast. I toasted the baquette to served with poached egg. (Should take photo but never thought of that maybe tend to be lazy) :oP

I boiled watercress again on last week this time with carrot and water chestnut. Very tasty and not too sweet cos i omitted brown candy from the original recipe. After boiled for 2hrs the water chestnut still crunchy.

Here is the recipe;
300g watercress
300g lotus root (I omitted this one cos forgot to but lotus root)
12 nos water chestnut (flatten)
30g red dates
150g carrot (cut into triangles)
200g brown candy (i omitted)
3 litres/3000ml water

Boil water in the pot, once boiled. Add in watercress and the remaining ingredients. Cover, cook over a lot heat for 2 hours. Serve hot.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breakfast and 2 dishes with one soup Dinner

I did not managed to get a part time maid today, I went to bank to do some banking. While waiting for bank to open, i had a breakfast at Old Town. After done the banking stuff i went to Sogo did some marketing (my favourite place). Said do marketing but i'm started buying CNY clothes already hahahah then only do marketing. After went home, i have to clean the house as no maid. Then have to clean vege and prepare meal for dinner.

Two dishes with one soup for Dinner ;

Mix vegetables 

I'm not good in cooking vegetables except broccoli and cauliflower.I bought the shitake mushroom and chicken fillet for fried meehoon  for tomorrow lunch. But i used some of it for mix vege.

Fried fish with tomato gravy

This is one of my favourite dish which I learned from my mum. I like her minced meat and potato with tomato gravy as well as this dish. Before i know about cooking i always thought she put ketchup for this dish which i was wrong :oP. Now i know she just put fresh tomato and not ketchup. I like to serve this type of gravy with rice for kids.

Simple recipe:
Mackerel Fish
2 tomatos
1tbsp of ginger
some garlics
some salt
1tbsp sugar

Marinate fish with some salt and apply cornflour to fry. Put aside.
Put oil, stir fry garlic and ginger, add tomato
Add water just to enough for gravy with little bit of cornflour
Finally add in salt and sugar to taste. Once done pour the gravy on the fried fish.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Watercress with Corsvenor Momordica Fruit (Lohanguo) Dessert

This dessert was adapted from Famous Cuisine magazine. I like the taste of watercress.

Here is the recipe;
300gm watercress
1 lohanguo
6nos of honey date (i put 3nos) - 6nos is a bit sweet for me
2.5litres (2500ml) water

Boil water in the pot, once boiled. Add in watercress and the remaining ingredients. Cook over a low heat for 2hrs.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orange Yoghurt Muffin Cake

Can't wait to let it cool, i used fork to cut some of it :oP

This recipe  is adapted from Wendy's blog.

I likes Wendy's cake recipe that bake with oranges. Last time, i'm not fancy with orange cakes. After i tried her recipe with Orange Chiffon Cake, I love it maybe because can taste the pure orange there instead of concentrated orange. The reason I learn to bake orange cake is for my daugh as she can't take fresh oranges due to her permanent cough allergy. 

I have been wanted to bake this cake since last few weeks, I took out the printed recipe few times but then either I'm too busy or tired so have to put it back into the file. Finally, i make it today. This cake is really delicious. Thought of give one small cake to my neighbour, after one bite i think i better save it for breakfast :oP. The muffin type one is for my daugh, she wants to bring it to her nursery and share with her friends.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipe books

I have this bad habit of buying recipe books. Or should i said this is part of my hobbies. Or should i said i'm being greedy of buying new recipe books and the old one not read yet. But i'm wasting money of buying the books. There are 2 more folders and few files of recipe books that keep in the cabinet. I know you guys will ask me did I ever follow the recipes from the book. Yes lah but cannot follow all lah. :o)

Whenever i go back to Seremban I likes to go to the Popular bookstore, I like to see lots of recipe books there. It is hardly to find so many recipe books  in the small outlet that near my PJ office. I have been trying to control myself to stop buying but you see below, hands started itchy 

Bought these since last 2 weeks. My favourite recipe books are Yum Yum, Y3K and Famous Cuisine. Another book is Nourishing and Fine Soups (this book quite useful for me as i always wanted to learn to boil or double boil of many types of soup). And another book is healthy buns and cakes. I haven't finish these books and bought new one again on Sunday.

I like to drink watercress soup. I never thought of watercress can cook or boil for so many methods until i read the book in Popular on Sunday. I thought if we want to boil for dessert just put watercress only and never thought of watercress can be added with green apple, lohanguo, lotus root, sugarcane and etc. 
Beside watercress, mini swiss roll and mini doughnuts are attracted too. As well as bake cheese rice recipe.

Beside recipe books, i bought these 2 books. Basically regarding the tips of taking care health. I can't read all the chinese words (cos i'm not chinese educated) but i can read or understands 70%-80%. :oP some of the word or sentence have to assume loh. The picture and some healthy recipes tips provided in the book are attracted to me. 

I think i need to spare one whole day to finish all the books. I still got the Women's weekly not yet finish..sigh..what i need is TIME.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steam Herbal Chicken

I felt sick of cooking soya sauce chicken. I decided to steam herbal chicken for my daugh on Saturday lunch which is healthy for her too. I searched whatever herbals that left in the fridge. I can said this dish is delicious maybe this time i marinated the chicken with slightly more salt compared to last time i just marinated abit salt only and the chicken was tasteless. I dont want the chicken too salty as it is not good for kids.

I used,

Chicken thigh marinated with salt for 15mins

1 pc of angelica (tong kwai)
Few pieces of "yuk chuk"
2-3pcs of "tong sum"
Few wolfberries (kei zi)
2-3pcs red dates
3-4 pcs of "tung chung chou" (like a worm)
1/4 water

1. Boil herbals for 10-15mins 
2. Put chicken on the steaming plate 
3. Pour step 1 on the chicken and steam on high heat for half an hour or until it cook

The gravy best to serve with rice.

Guai Lin Gao (Herbal Jelly)

I always like to buy Guai Lin Gao from Kung Woh Tong but it is quite costly about RM6.00 for small bowl if i'm not mistaken. That day i went to Eu Yan Sang bought "bo ying tan" for my kids and i saw the packet of Guai Lin Gao powder..The instruction is quite easy. I tried one packet and boiled for 8 small bowls. I did not add sugar as i'm afraid it might be too sweet for my husband and he doesn't like sweet things. So we served it with honey (we can adjust the sweetness) which i can say "yummy". I had 2 bowls on Saturday night cos i got ulcers :oP. 

Baby porridge

I was busy last week as my son's nanny off for 2 days. I have to stocked up some vege to cook for porridge and always have to think the healthier food to cook for it.

Thursday - Cranberry bean, carrot with minced pork porridge

He must grab something during his meal time

Friday - Pumpkin with Salmon fish..Surprisingly, he likes the salmon fish

 Saturday - Broccoli and minced meat with anchovies stock.