Thursday, October 7, 2010

Orange Yoghurt Muffin Cake

Can't wait to let it cool, i used fork to cut some of it :oP

This recipe  is adapted from Wendy's blog.

I likes Wendy's cake recipe that bake with oranges. Last time, i'm not fancy with orange cakes. After i tried her recipe with Orange Chiffon Cake, I love it maybe because can taste the pure orange there instead of concentrated orange. The reason I learn to bake orange cake is for my daugh as she can't take fresh oranges due to her permanent cough allergy. 

I have been wanted to bake this cake since last few weeks, I took out the printed recipe few times but then either I'm too busy or tired so have to put it back into the file. Finally, i make it today. This cake is really delicious. Thought of give one small cake to my neighbour, after one bite i think i better save it for breakfast :oP. The muffin type one is for my daugh, she wants to bring it to her nursery and share with her friends.


  1. Glad you liked this.
    It's called a muffin cake, because it uses a muffin's proportion of ingredients, but cake method.

  2. ic. this cake so laku, first time finished fast.