Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Recipe books

I have this bad habit of buying recipe books. Or should i said this is part of my hobbies. Or should i said i'm being greedy of buying new recipe books and the old one not read yet. But i'm wasting money of buying the books. There are 2 more folders and few files of recipe books that keep in the cabinet. I know you guys will ask me did I ever follow the recipes from the book. Yes lah but cannot follow all lah. :o)

Whenever i go back to Seremban I likes to go to the Popular bookstore, I like to see lots of recipe books there. It is hardly to find so many recipe books  in the small outlet that near my PJ office. I have been trying to control myself to stop buying but you see below, hands started itchy 

Bought these since last 2 weeks. My favourite recipe books are Yum Yum, Y3K and Famous Cuisine. Another book is Nourishing and Fine Soups (this book quite useful for me as i always wanted to learn to boil or double boil of many types of soup). And another book is healthy buns and cakes. I haven't finish these books and bought new one again on Sunday.

I like to drink watercress soup. I never thought of watercress can cook or boil for so many methods until i read the book in Popular on Sunday. I thought if we want to boil for dessert just put watercress only and never thought of watercress can be added with green apple, lohanguo, lotus root, sugarcane and etc. 
Beside watercress, mini swiss roll and mini doughnuts are attracted too. As well as bake cheese rice recipe.

Beside recipe books, i bought these 2 books. Basically regarding the tips of taking care health. I can't read all the chinese words (cos i'm not chinese educated) but i can read or understands 70%-80%. :oP some of the word or sentence have to assume loh. The picture and some healthy recipes tips provided in the book are attracted to me. 

I think i need to spare one whole day to finish all the books. I still got the Women's weekly not yet finish..sigh..what i need is TIME.



  1. Same here,
    I can only get 70-80% of those in Chinese books and internet websites.

    Actually hoh, I don't like buying local publications. Been dissapointed countless times with inaccurate recipes. I now rely on Chinese websites like meishichina for Chinese recipes and western books for dessert.

  2. oh ya ya..i agreed with u. I noticed that the english spelling and the translation from chinese to english a bit diff in the recipe. so everytime have to refer both languages..

    i prefer to refer to blogger's recipes which is more accurate.