Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fried Meehoon by AMC

I cooked fry meehoon last week for dinner by using AMC pot. I'm not good in frying meehoon by using wok or should i say i never try to fry with wok. This AMC pot very convenient and easy. Just dump all the ingredients and put sauce inside the pot and cover just that's it. So easy.


  1. I used to shun frying meehoon on the wok too.
    The trick is, cook everything but the meehoon.
    Make a gravy out of the "liu" and lastly add the meehoon to absorb all the gravy. Don't dry fry it, if not it'll stick to the wok like crazy.

  2. Oh that is good idea..ya i dont like the meehoon stick in the wok and very leceh to clean it.