Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steam Herbal Chicken

I felt sick of cooking soya sauce chicken. I decided to steam herbal chicken for my daugh on Saturday lunch which is healthy for her too. I searched whatever herbals that left in the fridge. I can said this dish is delicious maybe this time i marinated the chicken with slightly more salt compared to last time i just marinated abit salt only and the chicken was tasteless. I dont want the chicken too salty as it is not good for kids.

I used,

Chicken thigh marinated with salt for 15mins

1 pc of angelica (tong kwai)
Few pieces of "yuk chuk"
2-3pcs of "tong sum"
Few wolfberries (kei zi)
2-3pcs red dates
3-4 pcs of "tung chung chou" (like a worm)
1/4 water

1. Boil herbals for 10-15mins 
2. Put chicken on the steaming plate 
3. Pour step 1 on the chicken and steam on high heat for half an hour or until it cook

The gravy best to serve with rice.

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