Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby porridge

I was busy last week as my son's nanny off for 2 days. I have to stocked up some vege to cook for porridge and always have to think the healthier food to cook for it.

Thursday - Cranberry bean, carrot with minced pork porridge

He must grab something during his meal time

Friday - Pumpkin with Salmon fish..Surprisingly, he likes the salmon fish

 Saturday - Broccoli and minced meat with anchovies stock.


  1. My kids love salmon too.
    Even my hubby super loves porridge with salmon.

  2. Wendy, me and my husb doesn't like salmon because of the smell but luckily both my kids never reject it.

  3. Oh smell??
    I do have to agree, some salmon smells very fishy, but not all does.
    There were twice I cooked salmon head, once was awesome, the other time was utterly fishy.