Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spanish buffet

My husb saw the ad in Star Paper of Malaysia 1st time Spanish Buffet which charged only RM34++ after 20% discount.The original price is RM49.90. So we went for a dinner tonight, the restaurant called La Gomera located at Bandar Damansara Perdana. I noticed the buffet style almost the same like at Jogoya. They serve variety seafoods, mini pizza, pasta, paella seafood platter, dessert and etc. The quality is not bad, it is worth to pay for it.

 Mini thin crust pizza (I like thin crust, yummy yummy)

 Paella (seafood rice)

 Bake cheese oyster

 I like this most but dunno the name. I ate the top part (egg mayo) and my son ate the bread

Mini seafood pizza

Mini grilled black pepper sirloin steak. 

This is mine pizza. Don't you dare to steal.

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