Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip to Cameron Highland

After my last trip since 2003 or 2004 i never been to Cameron Highland for almost 6 yrs. I remember my last trip to Cameron was for Treasure Hunt. After i gave birth to my son last yr, i always wanted to go for a trip. Finally, i make it hehehe we decided to bring my daugh to Cameron on the 1st day of school holiday so we went on last sat. Maybe we are "kiasi" of people crowded or jam every way especially during school holiday plus raya time. Thank god, the roads are clear. My husb worried of my daugh will get car sick but i told him it was not her it was me i think cos i pening kepala already. hehehe..

There are a lots of building and shop-lots being developed. I remember last time i went there no Starbuck but now got already woh. I remember also there was no shop-lots beside Equatorial Hotel but now i saw few rows there. I remember the pasar malam at Brinchang was small but now they moved to another side and occupied at part of the road side. 


Poor Sue-Ann, she is waiting for bed to have a nap time.

Steamboat for dinner..Most of the steamboat restaurant full of customers.

Breakfast - Sue-ann had Creamy Spaghetti, i took ikan masin and "fu yue" for porridge. 

Nasi Lemak, Baked bean, Sausages


Upon check out, we went to strawberry farm as Sue-Ann wanted to self pluck strawberry. We plucked 100gm of strawberries just cost RM10. 

The view of Tea plantation

" Mommy, what are you doing there" Don't get shock as i'm not having a pee there. I just taking picture that's all. From this pic i know i looks like very "kwai she" . I was so tired as i have to walked up to the top of the hill at tea plantation. Moreover i seldom exercise. You know what, i wore skirt some more..Aiyo..

Tea factory

Mini size of persimmons

Watercress - 3 bunches cost RM5

Honey ginseng and royal jelly honey for myself, Propolis honey for Sue-Ann


  1. I go to Camerons usually once a year now, and before we had kids, few times in a year. Sometimes one day trips, cos we stay quite near to Camerons. We just go there for some tea and some cold wind and we are happy with just that ;)