Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicken with potato

Chicken with potato soya sauce

ABC soup with celery

My son has been sick for a week. We didn't go out anywhere on Merdeka Day. I didn't cook ABC soup for sometimes, I decided to cook it on that day which is one of my daugh's favourite soup. Besides carrot, potato, tomato, this time i added celery with frozen Japanese scallop. One more thing i almost forgot is dry cuttlefish, i added it later. Maybe i did not cook it regularly that's why tend to forgot the ingredients that needed for the soup.

I always have to think about the dish that come out with gravy for my daugh. This time i cook chicken with potato. I'm not very good to give the measurement for the recipe like other bloggers did. I just assume the amount of the ingredients that needed. I'm trying to provide simple and summarize recipe here :oP

Recipe :
- Fry potato until it turns light brown. Set aside
- Marinate chicken with soy sauce and dark soy sauce for about half an hour
- Put chopped garlic and slice ginger in wok. Stir until golden brown then add in chicken. Stir chicken until it turn brown then add potato. 
- Add water to cover chicken for simmer. Put soy sauce, dark soy sauce, dash of sugar (depends on your taste). 

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