Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick and Simple Lunch

Minced meat with tofu

Steam minced meat and rice in a steamer

Every weekend is my busy day, i'm trying to cook for my kids as quick and simple as possible as now my son is growing up and likes to walk around which need to pay more attention to him. Not easy huh, quite tiring. I only got time to cook and bath my daugh during his nap time.

For his meal which is quite simple, just a porridge but still have to think of the ingredients.
For her meal, i'm trying to steam everything if possible before he wake up. 

I like this steamer a lot because i don't have to check the water level every time when i steam if i use gas. I put rice in the bottom tray and meat in the upper tray. 

Simple recipe:
Marinate minced meat with soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper and cornflour. Sauce will be 2tbsp plus water. Steam about half an hour.

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