Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apricot Yogurt Cake

I saw Wendy's blog posted the Apricot cake which made with yogurt. This recipe is quite easy but i think i measured the amount of yogurt wrongly which maybe caused of the bottom of the cake not cook. The top part of the cake taste good and yummy. Thanks to my little helper, she always exciting whenever see i'm baking because she wants to take part too. Did you realize the little boy standing near the door? Thanks to my neighbour's maid that distracting him if not he will sure wanted to take part too. :O)


  1. Frankly, I think it's undercooked rather than too much yogurt. Yogurt will not separate itself and sink to the bottom.

    May I know what temperature did you use to bake?
    160 or 180c? Does your oven have a strong fan ?

  2. I used 160C more than 40mins. i have a small oven. no strong fan. I'm afraid to increase the temperature as the top part so hard already and afraid of overcook too :oP

  3. Jes,
    The temperature in my blog is always like this
    First temp of for convection ovens and 2nd temp is for conventional ovens.
    You should always try to use the 2nd temp if ur oven do not have a strong fan, and I suggest you bake on the lower rack, to prevent underbaked bottom and overbaked top. I guess your oven has three rack settings, right? top, middle and low??

  4. Wendy, my oven got 2 racks quite small.....should take pic for u to have a look :OP