Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oreo Buns

Another buns that i make today, the recipe is from Nasilemaklover's blog. The topping perhaps doesn't looks good as my presentation is not good. I kept the oreo biscuits quite sometimes thought of make cheesecake but end up until i seen this easy buns with oreo's recipe.

Japanese Cream Buns

I saw this Japanese Cream Bun's recipe from Frozenwing' long time ago and thought of make it one day but have been delayed and delayed due to my lazy worms. Lately, i thought of make some breads since i'm so free at home but can't decide what to make until i've seen Wendy' posted the Japanese Cream Bun. So ok lah i'm going to try it out with the new method. I think it is called gelatinised method if i'm not wrong. 

My kids ate 2 buns after dinner maybe just fresh from the oven, taste nicer. But the buns was moist on the next day, i'm not sure what's the causes. Wendy and Frozen Wing's buns look fluffy. I guessed maybe due to the kneading problem or maybe i gotta do more practice cos i didn't bake quite sometimes.

I think i might have a reading problem which i didn't always follow or read the method from recipes properly. For eg: 
1.for this recipe, i dumped all ingredients in the breadmaker maybe caused of moist. (just my guessing). I didnt followed the steps.
2.I cooked yogurt in tikka massala chicken which the yogurt was supposed to put on top of curry chicken and not cooked together. :o(. Not satisfied, will cook again and share pic in next round
2.Just make the Oreo buns, the recipe for topping is added the sugar paste with oreo biscuits but my sugar paste was in dustbin..oh dear, am i dreaming. 

I guessed my brain is to blank staying at home cannot function at all compared when i worked that time.