Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breakfast and 2 dishes with one soup Dinner

I did not managed to get a part time maid today, I went to bank to do some banking. While waiting for bank to open, i had a breakfast at Old Town. After done the banking stuff i went to Sogo did some marketing (my favourite place). Said do marketing but i'm started buying CNY clothes already hahahah then only do marketing. After went home, i have to clean the house as no maid. Then have to clean vege and prepare meal for dinner.

Two dishes with one soup for Dinner ;

Mix vegetables 

I'm not good in cooking vegetables except broccoli and cauliflower.I bought the shitake mushroom and chicken fillet for fried meehoon  for tomorrow lunch. But i used some of it for mix vege.

Fried fish with tomato gravy

This is one of my favourite dish which I learned from my mum. I like her minced meat and potato with tomato gravy as well as this dish. Before i know about cooking i always thought she put ketchup for this dish which i was wrong :oP. Now i know she just put fresh tomato and not ketchup. I like to serve this type of gravy with rice for kids.

Simple recipe:
Mackerel Fish
2 tomatos
1tbsp of ginger
some garlics
some salt
1tbsp sugar

Marinate fish with some salt and apply cornflour to fry. Put aside.
Put oil, stir fry garlic and ginger, add tomato
Add water just to enough for gravy with little bit of cornflour
Finally add in salt and sugar to taste. Once done pour the gravy on the fried fish.

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