Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watercress with Carrot and Water Chestnut

I've been lazy in posting blog recently. Just being lazy. I have thought of baking an Orange Chiffon Cake today, I've even squeezed the orange juice and segregate the egg yolks and egg whites, but I really "tak larat" to do it so I used the eggs to make poached eggs and orange juice for my breakfast. I toasted the baquette to served with poached egg. (Should take photo but never thought of that maybe tend to be lazy) :oP

I boiled watercress again on last week this time with carrot and water chestnut. Very tasty and not too sweet cos i omitted brown candy from the original recipe. After boiled for 2hrs the water chestnut still crunchy.

Here is the recipe;
300g watercress
300g lotus root (I omitted this one cos forgot to but lotus root)
12 nos water chestnut (flatten)
30g red dates
150g carrot (cut into triangles)
200g brown candy (i omitted)
3 litres/3000ml water

Boil water in the pot, once boiled. Add in watercress and the remaining ingredients. Cover, cook over a lot heat for 2 hours. Serve hot.


  1. Wah, with waterchestnuts, red dates and carrot, no need 200gm candy sugar liao.
    I think 50gm also enough for me, but putting in none, will be too bland for me la :)

  2. haha..for my family i have to cut down sugar otherwise i dont think my husb will drink it. Water chestnut got it sweetness there also.