Friday, August 10, 2012

Salted Rice Cooker Chicken

I was actually google for cake recipe and thought of make some cake tonight but running out of some ingredient so i gave up. So coincidence Nasilemaklover posted her latest chicken's recipe. And so coincidence i'm not sure what to cook for dinner tonight. Initially i thought of just steamed the chicken with herbal which i used to cook whenever i can't think or lazy. Steaming method is just a simple menu for me, no headache. hehe. Until i came across this super easy and yummy chicken's recipe from Nasilemaklover which cooked in the rice cooker. When i saw this recipe i was like "WOW, i never cook in rice cooker". You know what, i'm going to use rice cooker to cook is really less headache as no need to check on the gas stove just put inside the rice cooker. The chicken is so tasty especially the angelica. This salted chicken reminds me the Salted Chicken Rice Shop at Jalan Imbi at KL. Last time i used to called for delivery for lunch with my ex-colleague, they came with the set like rice with chicken and soup. 

2 pcs kg drumstick (Original 1.5 kg chicken)
1/2 to1tsp salt to taste (Original 1tbs and 1tsp)
1tbsp Hsiao Hsing Wine (Original 2 tbs)
Chinese herb Angelica (Tong Kwai) - (Original 20gm) - I used 2pcs only depends on individual desire

- Soak tong kwai into wine for 30mins
- Rub salt over the chicken with tong kwai and wine for 2hrs
- Place chicken into rice cooker and also the mixture, and cook
- Cook until it ready to serve.

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  1. really very easy, never knew that we can just dump the chicken into the rice cooker and cook!