Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm back

I'm back. I'm not missing in action. I'm still active in baking and cooking as well as reading my favourite blogger's post. Oh ya, and i have new hobby that is photography. My laptop down with virus and low memory. It is time to buy a new one as an excuses..:oP. This machine took me an hour to uploaded photos..sigh!

My husband bought me a new DSLR camera. Actually it was half of his birthday gift fom my father in law. Initially, i found the DSLR camera is very complicated never thought of learn to use it. After i went to Japan, we used the DSLR camera that borrowed from my brother in law. It was actually not difficult to use as i thought.

Below are the few snapshots but still needs a lot of improvement.

Nice or not..I didn't make it, my talent havent reached there yet..hehe.

Bon Oduri at Publika..Trying to adjust the light function.

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  1. finally , you're back to post. I dont own a dslr, i also hv the impression that it will be a little confusing for me.so meanwhile, just stick to my old camera first :)