Friday, August 10, 2012

Chicken with Cashew Nuts

I always cook the meat in one colour that is either soya sauce or curry chicken. I prefer to cook a dish which can serve whole family. I admit i sometimes quite lazy though :o). No wonder my mom always complaint sometimes she doesn't know what to buy from the wet market. Now i understand after being a housewife lately. Usually the day before i go to wet market i will list down the ingredient that i need to cook for next few days so i won't be stuck when i was in a market.

Since i still have some cashew nut, i tried out this recipe from Frozenwings,


  1. it's so true, jess. Sometimes you just stare and stand in the market for 10 minutes and yet you dont know what to buy :) thanks for trying out this dish!

    1. Sometimes feel like a sor poh stand there with brain blank lol..this is almost taste like Kung poh it

  2. I love this dish, so do my kids. The nuts go well with the chicken. I see that there is dried chillis and capsicum in this dish as well, will add these for extra flavours next time.