Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frozen Tiramisu

This is my first Tiramisu that i made for my husband's birthday in June. And is my first time of making frozen something like ice cream because kids like it. And also, this is my first sample of the photo taken from the new camera Nikon. I need extra time to learn how to edit the photo like what other blogger posted. Their photos are really nice and professional.

I have bookmarked this recipe about a year ago. Just unable to get any reason why i need to make this.  I never bake layer cake with the frosting which i don't think i got that skill yet. haha..This year i just wanted to make something different for my husband's birthday. So finally i did it, the recipe was adapted from Dailydelicious

You can see the different from my tiramisu compared to Dailydelicious. I followed the full recipe except kahlua and sponge cake which i replaced with lady fingers.. I'm not good in cake layering even i put the lady fingers it was messy but luckily covered by the mascarpone. :oP.  I think my husband doesn't love the mascarpone because i saw him just took few bites. When i asked him, he said okay la. I can't blame him because i don't think i like it too except my son ate non-stop. Most of 80% had been given to my neighbour and my son's nanny, they loves it.



  1. At least you tried out, my hubby also don't like Tiramisu .

  2. i wished i was your neighbour! i quite like tiramisu, i find them quite addictive especially with baileys. anyway, take your time to learn your camera and photos editing,it should be fun!

    1. Lena, should be the other way round. I wished i was your neighbour. Can learn from you all..:O)