Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prawn Crackers

I like to eat prawn crackers or fried and crispy stuff. I bought the raw crackers from wet market. The smaller pieces sell RM15 and bigger one RM20. This is my first time to fried prawn crackers especially for this year CNY. For the past CNY, my mom in law will fried the crackers for me but this time i will do for her as she has not been well since last two weeks. Now i know it is not easy stand near the hot wok and fry those stuff.
My daugh complaint that i smell like McD, actually she was not well and was lying on the mattress. I quickly went to take shower :oP


  1. Smell like McD, that's a very creative comment from ur daughter!

  2. haha..she was sick that time maybe think of McD kot