Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My gal has been getting high fever since last sunday. Being a parent must really have a good energy and spirit to take care of sick kids otherwise they were too collapse easily. I have been taking emergency leave on Mon and today as well. I have to monitor my gal fever's temperature as her fever reached till 39C last 3 days.

I felt hungry yesterday after lunch don't know why maybe being tiredness. I finished the sneaker and i got white gardenia bread but i don't like to apply with jam. I toasted it with butter and sugar on top.


  1. I prefer butter and sugar too.
    Old fashioned but super comforting.
    Take good care of yourself while you care for your daughter. My kids fell sick on and off too during this weird rainy season.

  2. Tq Wendy. This is CNY season ppls easily get sick.