Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CNY Almond Slice Cookies

I'm submitting this recipe to Aspiring Bakers #3 My Favourite CNY Cookies

I have been wanted to bake quite some times but quite busy lately. I have book mark some recipe but when i want to bake that time lack of ingredient at home and i lazy to go out and buy so have been delayed till now. Today I was on emergency leave, i grab an hour to bake this cookies while my gal is having a nap.

I got the recipe from this book "The First Book of Baking for Beginners" by Carol with step by step provided. I will try to translate the recipe to English version as i don't know the "chinese pin yin".

2 Egg whites
50gm Castor sugar (I found it too sweet, shall reduce)
1/8tsp Salt
40gm Cake flour (Sift)
25gm Unsalted butter (Melted)
100gm Almond Slices

1. Add castor sugar, salt into egg whites until mixed well together.
2. Add sifted flour into batter (1) and mixed well
3. Pour in melted butter into batter (2)
4. Lastly, add the almond slices into batter (3) and fold gently in order not to break the almonds
5. Wrap the batter with cling wrap and keep in the fridge for 30 mins
6. Take out the batter from fridge, use big spoon to scoop the batter and place it into baking tray. Make sure the batter is far away from each other.
7. Dip some water into your fingers tip (wet fingers easy to workout on the batter smoothly) and drag the batter on the baking tray to a larger pieces.
8. Preheated 150C and bake for 12mins. Once the cookies turn brown, reduce the temp to 130C and bake again for 6-7mins until golden brown (Depends on your oven temperature). I have a small oven so my baking time take longer.

I noticed that now people sell cookies for RM25 for small bottle and RM35 for big one which is quite expensive. I've been started to bake my own CNY cookies last year.


  1. Oh yes, I saw one small bottle of peanut cookie, RM13, the short bottle leh!!
    Even those fried beehive is like RM18 for a medium cannister. Not KL some more. Crazy expensive.

    Eh, I think this cookie is supposed to be sweet. The sugar helps with the spreading.

  2. Oh is it, i think you are right that the sugar helps with the spreading. No wonder quite sweet though