Monday, January 24, 2011

Fried Arrowhead Chips

This is my first attempt of frying "Nga Ku". This year of CNY, i suddenly have a mood to fry crackers "har bian" and "nga ku". Emmm... i think i gotta give up not going to do it again next year as i found that the process of peeling and slicing part of Nga Ku are wasting of time. Perhaps, my slice blade not sharp enough which i had to used knife to cut it thinly. Secondly, I gotta re-fry again some of the thick Nga Ku as it is not crunchy but still taste nice. Unlike what i refer to Wendy's blog, her Nga Ku nicely cut and fried. :o(

I guessed i didn't fry until the bubbles totally gone and the heat might be high. One more thing, i think PATIENT quite important which i don't have. :oP


  1. Jes,
    Oh yes, you must be very patient with this.
    and yes I see you did not peel the ngakus well, cos can see the brown skin. I use a mandolin to slice it, but sometimes I just use a fruit peeler during the days when I was working in other states and not having my equipment with me. Slicing with knife might not give you regular thickness. Maybe go to Daiso and get one mandolin there. It comes in handy with slicing a lot of things. Mine is rather sharp, it's Chinese made for the Japanese market. Been using it for years and sliced so many papayas and ginger for full moon gifts for both my girls and now still in very good condition. It cost me RM3.90 only last time.

  2. ya i didnt peel it very well hehehehe..cos i need to rush to hair salon :oP