Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steamed Yam Cake

I'm back again...I have been reading my favourite blogger's blog rather than write my own blog. Sometimes really don't know how to start to post my status here or maybe I'm not good in writing.:0p

Back to my baking, this is my first trial of steamed yam cake. I like the result of my yam cake as it was soft not hard texture as what I expected. My husb said nice and we finished it for supper and breakfast.

The recipe I referred to http://my that I can't upload the link as I'm using iPad to post.


  1. me too
    I prefer the soft version.
    so far I make, no recipe one, just throw and make, LOL.. cos a neighbour taught me just by seeing her.
    So long never make oredi

  2. I like yam cake too, love to serve with sweet chili sauce .