Monday, October 17, 2011


I didnt bake buns for quite sometimes. The buns look nice in this pic but it turned hard on the next day. It was soft and nice to eat when it's hot. I'm not sure what's went wrong maybe due to lack of practice for sometimes and i had dizzyness that day.  So dissapointed.. But my husb still can finished the hard hot dog buns on the next day.  :O(.

I felt better after few drinks of "Hor yan hor" (herbal tea) to relieved the dizzyness and i continue to grilled chicken wings for the dinner. :O) ..I can't find the recipe for grilled chicken wings cos was so dizzy that day. I just simply marinated the chicken wings with soy sauce, dark soy sauce and a bit of honey for 3hours.
When it grilled half way i applied some honey front and back of the chicken wings.


  1. Hmm.. if the breads not kept air tight, can easily harden woh. Cos with sausage, usually will be soft quite a while cos the sausage has moisture.

  2. In fact, your chicken wings look so delicious .

  3. I think Wendy is right. Storing the bread properly might help to retain the moisture.

    The chicken wings look fantastic!