Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to school

We have been invited back to school for those who are graduated from year 1991. Thanks to the organizer, the former schoolmate who had arranged this gathering event in June. We had a precious moment that we met back all our old classmate after 20years. The funny thing is we recognized the face but can't remember the name so we always stared at people chest where the name badge was there. :o) Some of us like me forgot the class name. And we are not allow to put English name as we only remember the full name.

This is the canteen, we all preferred the old wooden long table and benches. Now is like McD's table hahaha.

This is the toilet. Last time no picture on the wall. Now like penjara pudu..Last time the toilet quite small.

Hall entrance

Bilik guru. 

Form 2 and Form 3 classes

I think this is science lab.

Main entrance

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