Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hakka Stuffed Beancurd in Black Eyed Bean Soup

I would like to share a Hakka recipe here. My dialect is Hakka and i loves to eat my mom homecook hakka food. She is very good in making of dumpling (ba chang). I feel that the process of cooking the ingredients and wrap the dumpling quite tedious.

I cooked the "yeong tau fu" last week for dinner. The original recipe was Beancurd (tofu) only but i cooked the bitter gourd together since i had leftover in the fridge. The recipe was adapted from "Hakka An Inspiring Collection Hakka Foods" as shown below. I always don't know how to cook the sauce for yeong tau fu after refer to this recipe book that it was cook with the black-eyed bean soup which i personally thought that it is healthier than the oyster sauce.

Ingredients (A):
10 pcs fried beancurd (I used the normal beancurd), some chopped spring onion

Ingredients (B):
50gm black-eyed bean (soak in water for 30mins), 1no whole chicken carcass, 1/2 tsp salt, 500ml water.

Filling :
200gm minced pork (with fat), 150gm fish paste, 30gm dried shrimps (deep-fry till crispy, pounded), 30gm "mui heong" salted fish fillet (diced, shallow-fry till fragrant), 1tbsp corn flour

Seasoning :
1/8tsp cumin pounded (i omitted this one), 1/4tsp salt, 1/2 sugar, 1/2 tsp pepper

1. To make filling, combine the filling ingredients with seasoning, mix till sticky, set aside. (i prepared the filling the night before and kept in the fridge)

2. Cut each beancurd into triangular pieces, make a small cavity, stuff in filling mixture until full. For bitter gourd, dry clean the inner part before stuff the filling (i didn't clean it, the filling came out. After checked with my in law then i realised that the inner part have to be dry clean) :oP

3. Place the stuffed beancurds and stuffed bitter gourd in a sauce pan (filling face side down), shallow-fry with some oil until golden brown, remove from heat. 

4. Put black-eyed beans in a soup pot, add chicken carcass and water, bring to boil. Covered, lower the heat, cook for 30mins until the black-eyed beans are soften.

5. Add in stuffed beancurds and bitter gourds, simmer it for 3 mins, season with salt. Dish out, sprinkle with spring onion before serve.


  1. I didn't know that you are Hakka too :) I love your recipe!

  2. Thks Jade..I am hakka and not fluent in hakka lol

  3. Me too, I am Hakka but only understand a bit and don't speak hakka at all. Shame on me, I know, hehe... I like this recipe and black eye pea soup can never go wrong.

  4. Quay Po, Great that you love this recipe. My mom always scolded me being not speak well in Hakka cos i'm always mixed up with cantonese slang..hehe

  5. Eh, the other day I ate some Hakka YTF and I tot the spice used was 5 spice, becos my Hakka neighbour used to put in 5spice powder. Then when I look at ur recipe now, I think the version I ate was with cumin as it smelled diff than 5 spice. The cumin made it very special leh.

  6. Hi Wendy, i didnt used the cumin for this recipe cos i cant accept the smell. :o). I think my mom's recipe did not add any spices.