Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Minutes Meal #1

Last time, I didn't always cook dinner on the weekday . I used to take dinner outside after picked up my daugh from the school. Because of bored of eating outside I have started to cook dinner lately. Although it is a bit tedious for me after worked have to pick my daugh from school and have to prepared dinner. So everyday I have to think about the quick and easy recipe. I will sometimes cook anchovies noodle soup, boiling soup while shower my daugh, steamed meat and rice together which save a lot of time.

 Claypot chicken rice

Zucchini soup

Steamed chicken with "za choi"


  1. when i was still working, I'd be home by 7pm and dinner will be ready latest by 745pm.
    I cut and marinate my meats the day before. If the meat needs more effort, then the vege will just be a simple stir fry and vice versa.
    Soups go into the slow cooker with a electric timer bought from ikea. It's been this way for me before I took leave. It's seems tedious to cook daily, but it's a lot more satisfying.

    Eating out daily can be really boring, especially in this small boring town of mine. KL's not too bad, but still after years, it can still be boring.
    Keep it up, and you'll definately get faster and find ways to work around everything.

  2. Wow..7pm still need to cooked? If for me 7pm will be too late as my daugh's dinner time latest by 6pm. I always have to remind her to eat some bread after nap in school. If my hubby in KL I will use slow cooker for the soup if just me and my daugh i just boil the vege soup..easier.

    KL expensive leh..sometimes when i passed by the mall, my daugh will asked "how come we r not going to have dinner at the mall today".