Thursday, March 17, 2011

Potato Custard Steamed buns

Yay, this is my 2nd attempt to steamed bun (Man Tou). I finally make it although not look so nice for the shape but still taste like a pau. :oP. I gave up after the 1st attempt long time ago. I can't remember i followed from which book, the bun's texture was so hard that time. 

Until recently, i read through Jane's blog ..her "man tou" was so tempted and nicely shape. I have bookmarked this recipe but i don't have blender for the carrot and pandan leaves. So, i was thinking since im not so good on doing the pau/man tou, i better start with basic one or else wasted my effort. 
But, now i have confident to do more after this trial. 

I was so worried that i won't make it cos i don't have enough flour 410 gm (recipe is 500gm). I don't know how to reduce other ingredients, i just assumed. You can see my buns look a bit wet. The custard bun out of shape cos the dough was too sticky i can't roll the dough nicely.

The recipe adapted from the book "I love Tasty and Healthy Treats".

5g instant dry yeast
2tbsp water
500g plain flour
150g mashed potato
50g caster sugar
5g salt
200ml-240ml water
30g corn oil

3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp custard powder
200ml milk
1tbsp butter

1. Filling : Put all ingredients into a bowl, stir and double-boil until the mixture has thickened
2. Put instant dry yeast into a bowl, add in 2tbsp water, 1 tsp plain flour, sugar and mix well. Rest for 5mins.
  ( I did not follow this step. I put everything into breadmaker to knead dough)
3. In a mixing bowl, combine yeast mixture with the remaining ingredients (except corn oil) and mix well. Add in corn oil and knead until the dough is smooth.
4. Cover the dough with damp towel and rest for 15mins
5. Roll out dough into a rectangular shape. Spread custard filling on top and roll up. Cut into 20 thick slices and line the buns with grease-proof paper
6. Put the buns into a steamer and rest for 40-50mins or rise until 50% increased in size
7. Steam the buns for 20 mins (from cold water) over high heat. Remove and serve hot.

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