Friday, December 10, 2010

Bacon Rolls

I actually plan to bring my daugh to hair salon but she doesn't want to go as she wanted to go to babysitter house to play with jie jie. I'm quite free after sent my kids to babysitter so i find something to bake. I saw the Bacon and Onion Bread posted by Dailydelicious which is so tempting. Bacon is my favourite anyway. I did not follow her bread's recipe except bacon fillings, i used my own Bread's recipe. Actually i wanted to bake a smaller size similar as Dailydelicious but it turned out double size. I did not follow her measurement as i just simply roll it. The buns very fluffy and super soft.

Proof for 1hr after kneading, double up it size
2nd proofing for half an hour before cheese topping


  1. these buns look good to me..just wondering did you egg glaze them cos the the golden color is quite nice

  2. Hi Lena, i didnt glaze them i just put mozarella cheese for topping. It's smell good and abit crispy if you eat after bake.