Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just 2 of US

Today is not a special day for me and my husb and no special occasion. It's just that i have to clear leave and my husb need a day off. We went for a shopping without kids around as they are taking care by nanny. We  had a lunch at Taiwanese Tea Room at The Curve . I never try taiwanese food before and have been wanted to try it out so we found this restaurant. I'm satisfied with the lunch and yummy.

Pearl Milk Honeydew Tea and Original Pearl Milk Tea
"Kung Po" chicken set with side dish and white radish soup - GOOD!

Braised pork belly with fresh wai san set lunch, minced meat rice with soup - GOOD!

Actually we didn't feel hungry after the lunch. Before we pick our kids in the evening, we went for a dinner at Solaris. Initially, i thought of have some light dinner like grilled chicken wing and portugis fish at Kepong  but it  was so jam so we decided to go nearby restaurant. We went to surveyed few restaurants nearby end up we decided to have our dinner at Ole Ole Bali.

Honey Lemongrass with ginger - GOOD

Bali Nasi Campur with seafood and otak otak skewer - Quite filling.

Bali Ayam bubu with nasi minyak


  1. Somehow, the Balinese food I have in Malaysia is not as good as what I have over there in Bali. It's oilier and saltier here. Same goes for the lemongrass tea. The one I had at my hotel was totally unforgetable. It gives my throat that "yun" feeling and the lemongrass was boiled for such a long time that it was soft and wilted, unlike those here that are just lightly boiled. I miss food in Bali.
    Maybe it's always like this to consume other foods in other countries, just like eating Malaysian food elsewhere, it just doesn't taste the same. :p

  2. Wendy, I never been to Bali but this one that i had abit oily and too lemak. I just like the ayam goreng.

  3. You are right the lemongrass have a light taste unlike the one i had at Thai restaurant.