Saturday, September 10, 2011

Green Tea and Orange Snowkin Mooncake

After trial and error on snowkin mooncake, i made it finally but the moulding part still need more improvement. I think either the green tea skin was too thin or maybe the way i hold the snowkin not gentle enough. But at least this time can see the sheep pattern on orange mooncake :OP unlike from my previous post can't see the pattern at all. Or maybe i should not use the jelly mould, that's why the skin are unstable when it taken out. 

The Green Tea snowkin mooncake's recipe was adapted from Nasilemaklover's blog. The orange one i replaced the water to fresh orange juice. Initially, i thought of buying lotus paste for filling but out of stock. I  tried out Charcoal Bamboo Lotus paste. This time i added egg yolk into Charcoal Bamboo Lotus for the filling..Not bad though.

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