Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Steamed Egg Cake

I have been bookmarked this recipe for some times as not ready to make it. Maybe i don't have confident to making any cake cos not very good on it. Steamed Egg Cake (Kai Tan Koh) is my childhood favourite cake. I will definitely buy this cake from pasar malam.

Yesterday, i saw my friend posted her Cocoa Steamed Egg Cake in Facebook which was inspired me to make it on the next day. I told myself have to be patient do not open the wok cover, after 20mins i opened and teng teng teng teng...The cake result was so successful, i'm so proud of myself as i finally able to make the tradition steamed egg cake....This cake nice to serve warm. 

I followed the recipe from HeartyBake . My steaming time is 20mins.


  1. The texture of your cake look really good. Steam cakes remind me a lot of my childhood too.

  2. The Ji dan gao looks so fluffy and yummy!