Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sponge Pancakes

I saw this recipe pancake adapted from Table for 2 which was so easy to make. The problem part was i'm too tired to beat the egg white with hands cos i'm lazy to take out the mixer. Moreover the ingredient is not so much so i whisked by hand. 

I'm not good frying in round shape like Table for 2 so perfect, mine one is out of shape :oP. The pic looks like omelet right but actually is sponge pancake. I like pancake serve with chocolate and banana but i don't have the banana so i applied it with nutella, walnut and raisin. I prefer the plain sponge pancake as it got the sweet taste there. Both of my kids awaiting for my pancake for breakfast, my son no need to say as he is a big eater.

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