Monday, January 9, 2012

CNY Cookies

I'm back again. After quit my job last month, I've been busy with kids during the end of the school holidays and busy baking cookies as the CNY approaching. But now, I seems like miss my career maybe have been used to working all the time. So now i try to occupy myself to cook and bake more often but at the same time hopefully will get some part time offer from previous company. Well, after stop for a month of baking, i started to bake pineapple cookies last week which was quite tiring as my son needs my attention too. Maybe age catching up as no longer can do multi-tasking work :OP.

There is no proper recipe, I bought the pineapple cookie mix and the green pea mix from baking supplies shop. What i need to do just added butter, egg yolks for pineapple and oil for green pea.


  1. Even working life is more fun, but i think it is worth to stay at home with our children and guide them through..

  2. I am sure you will miss your working life but you did the right thing to stay home to take care of your children. Children grows very fast and you don't want to miss seeing them grow. Age catching up? You? No way my dear, you are still young. You are just tired. Takes time for you to get adjusted to a whole new routine. When you do not have time to bake from scratch, getting the pre-mix is a good alternative. Enjoy your time with your kiddies!

  3. Quay PO, thanks for your support..for the time being, I just take care of my daugh and my son taking care by nanny cos i'm still hoping for the part time offer..or else will be fully take care of them.

  4. I thought Quay Po's comment was quite helpful to me, as I sometimes feel tired from staying with the children all day long. But they grow up so fast and I need to cherish the moment so I will never regret this time.

    Your pineapple cake looks delicious! Love the shining top! =) Looks nice and puffy/crispy.