Saturday, December 3, 2011

STOMP broadcast in KL

I went to watched STOMP show today in KLPAC. It was really a great show and i enjoyed it so much. Initially i was reluctant to watch it when my husband have been asking me if im interested to watch broadcast show. I told him im more interested to watch Jacky Cheong's concert, now i was regretted to said that hahaha. I think i have falling in love of broadcast.

STOMP was created in London. Stomp is an exciting london show and a unique mix of music, dance and percussion performed by a talented cast of eight. The cast of Stomp turn everyday objects like from bottles, brooms, bins and buckets into musical instruments.


  1. Never been to this kind of show or concert before, still wait for my hubby to invite me, hehehe . Happy New Year 2012!

  2. STOMP is a great show, glad you did not miss it! Happy New Year to you and family. Hugs.

  3. I've heard of STOMP before but never have the chance to watch them.
    Happy 2012 and thanks for coming to my site:)

  4. Hi Ann, thanks for visiting my blog.Happy 2012