Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oil less Pandan Chiffon Cake

Oops..should remove the price tag. hehe..

The top part burned cos it touched to the ceiling of the oven.

This cake smell fragrant maybe from the pandan leaves or the coconut milk. It tasted good but a bit sweet for me although I've reduced the amount of sugar from yolk's part. I will reduce the sugar again if i bake next time. And a bit wet also, the texture not similar like the original recipe from wendy. I think i need to practice more :o)


  1. Frankly,
    If you found the sweetness of orange version ok, this shouldn't be much of a difference as I calculated the sugar based on that recipe, and this recipe actually contains less sugar by % compared to the orange one.
    But taste is often a personal matter and feel free to decrease to your preference, but only to the yolk mixture.

    And also, if the cake is not as fluffy as it should be, iit will also be sweeter, as I found my collapsed chiffons to taste sweeter than my nice and tall chiffons. Try to buy another pan with a wider base so that the cake will not be that tall in your small oven.

    I think 5 eggs recipe is too big for your current pan.

  2. Wendy, thanks for your oven is quite small that's y i used the small size pan to fit my oven..if 5 eggs recipe is too big for my pan, can u recommend how many eggs should i use for this pan?