Friday, August 20, 2010

Arabic Food

I thought i can rest today while a part time maid doing the house chores..Out of sudden, my neighbour knocked the door and asked if i'm interested to learn to cook Arabic rice chicken. I only got few hours left cos have to pick up my daughter from nursery and i don't want to turn her down cos she had been offered me few times.

Emmm..actually very lazy today..If i want to cook or bake anything must see my mood. The chicken rice taste very good almost similar like Nasi Beriani but this version is much more healthier less oily. But a lots of different spices required and some are from Arab...dunno where to get so she gave me some of the spices.

Stewing half chicken about 2hrs

The final part cook with Basmati rice. The butter in the aluminium foil together with the black stone (no pic here is like charcoal) to fragrant the entire rice.

Chicken rice serve with pickled chilly (sourly and salty)

My neighbour so good, she make yogurt salad for me. The recipe : Plain yogurt (no sugar), cucumber, garlic, crush pepper and dash of salt. So easy and healthy too.

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